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Facsimiles are editions of early music printed exactly as they first appeared rather than in versions modern editors have altered to make them conform to modern standards, for instance by using modern notation and clefs, adding marks of "expression", dynamics, etc.

Much of the flute's repertoire (early 18th-century French suites in particular) has never been published in modernized editions, but is available in reprints of original editions that convey the composers' ideas as they intended. In due course we will show you some of this music here and explain why facsimile editions provide the best access to this music. In the meantime here is an article about a leading Italian publisher of facsimile editions.

Get PDF file Select Music Facsimiles from Italy (Ardal Powell TRAVERSO, July 1999)

You can view our current offerings of early flute music in facsimile editions at Music->Facsimiles

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