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Early flute music

Though flutes appear in European pictures of the Middle Ages and in Byzantine images of even earlier, no music specifying the instrument was written down until the sixteenth century.

Anne Smith's chapter on The Renaissance Flute in John Solum's The Early Flute gives some guidance for finding 16th- and 17th-century music for the instrument. Smith's more extensive study, 'Die Renaissancequerflöte und ihre Musik', Basler Jahrbuch für historische Musikpraxis 2 (1978), 9-76, gives a fuller list.

John Solum's The Early Flute presents lists of solo and ensemble repertoire editions for the baroque flute.

Ardal Powell's The Flute (Yale University Press, 2002) discusses the flute's changing repertoire in relation to the instruments, players, and conditions of its times. stocks facsimile editions of early flute music by French, German, Italian, and English in the following series. Most of these pieces are unavailable in modern editions:

We also have facsimile editions of the most important early flute method books.

Music editions
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